S1 E10: Creating a Championship Mentality in Business with Jon-Eric Sullivan

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No matter what line of work you’re in, many of the same underlying principles will help you become successful. That’s why we’re stepping out of the financial world this episode to speak with someone who’s not in the industry but knows exactly what it takes to have a championship mentality. Jon-Eric Sullivan, Co-Director of Player Personnel for the Green Bay Packers, works with one of the world’s great sports franchises and he joins us to talk about success, his favorite memories, and much more.

Key Moments: 

[2:26] – Top 3 favorite football players

[5:38] – How his football career began

[8:23] – How he got into the front office for the NFL

[11:34] – What makes Green Bay different from other teams?

[13:18] – How he structures the day

[16:45] – Favorite schools

[19:03] – Work-Life Balance

[21:48] – Interaction with players

[26:05] – Looking back on the Super Bowl

[32:15] – Relying on the team for success

[35:04] – Championship mentality

[37:33] – Most challenging and rewarding part of the job

[40:14] – If you could take back one play and re-run it

[43:01] – Share a life lesson

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