S1 E11: Building a Financial Machine with the Help of Lone Beacon

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The financial industry, like the rest of business, has evolved with the rise of digital media and stronger data. Today we explore this shift with John of Lone Beacon. This partner of FIG has been building a company that connect investors with advisories that can truly help them. They have an elite grasp of buying behavior, media habits, and appetite for content, and that’s why they work with most elite institutions across the country. Join us as we learn more about their processes, their results, and the trends that happening now.

Key Moments: 

[1:26]Welcome in John

[2:51] – Favorite thing about Boston

[3:48] – Favorite Red Sox player

[4:45] – The year Boston broke the World Series curse

[6:33] – How he got into the business

[10:57] – Scope of services they offer

[14:44] – Nurturing your prospect list

[20:38] – Why branding is critical

[25:58] – Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats (SWOT)

[32:26] – Website as the central hub

[38:44] – Better customer analytics

[46:00] – Marketing automation

[50:18] – Trends in financial services marketing

[53:00] – Partnership with FIG

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