S2 E1: Dressing for Success with Duncan Ham

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How we dress has a lot to do with how we are perceived as financial professionals. Today, we welcome, Duncan Ham, the Senior VP at Tom James Company in Charlotte North Carolina. Established in 1966, they found success through providing quality convenience to clients. They serve business executives with their custom suits to ensure they look the part. Duncan goes in-depth on how clothing affects those around us, our business, and our success.

Key Moments: 

[1:27]Welcome Duncan

[4:22]How he got into clothing sells  

[7:30]What makes Tom James Different

[11:45]Why what you wear affects the subconscious

[16:35]Dressing for leadership

[18:12 ]Clothing staples for financial professionals

[26:11]Colors sending signals

[28:45]Clothing budget

[30:46]New trends

[39:00]Tips on packing

[44:00] Life lesson

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