S2 E2: Providing an Excellent Client Experience with Cornerstone Wealth Management

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Providing a great client experience can make a difference in the growth of your business. On today’s episode, we are speaking with Anthony from Cornerstone Wealth Management in Las Vegas, Nevada. Cornerstone is leading the industry with innovative ideas. Their investment approach is providing clients with consistent income in their portfolios. By keeping things simple for their clients, conducting seminars, and keeping up to date on trends, they are making meaningful connections on a personal and financial level.

Learn more about our guest: https://www.cornerstonevegas.com/who-we-are/#team

Key Moments: 

[1:45] Favorite thing to cook?

[2:10] Favorite Lakers player

[2:56] How he got into the business

[5:39] Role at Cornerstone Las Vegas

[9:11] What makes Cornerstone different?

[12:10] Fixed index annuities

[15:44] Structured notes

[21:10] Software and technology

[26:00] Trends in marketing

[27:22] Ambassador program


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