S2 E5: Marketing Practices with Mark Gaffney of M.E.G. Services

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In today’s market, a strong marketing plan based on data and client research is essential to your financial business.

Today, we welcome Mark Gaffney on the show, the founder of M.E.G. Services, a boutique marketing service specifically tailored for financial advisors. Starting his marketing career in 1994 he has over two decades in the field. Mark is bringing his expertise on the podcast today to discuss the importance of live events, using data-driven marketing, and brand development. As an avid promoter of seminars and webinars, Mark’s insights will be indispensable to any advisor looking to grow their marketing impact.

Learn more about our guest: https://markedwardgaffney.com/meg-team/

Key Moments: 

[1:40] Welcome to the show Mark

[2:34] Who is your favorite band?

[4:07] How did you get in the business?

[7:02] What is M.E.G.?

[11:10] Data-driven practices & sharing information

[13:48] Three marketing funnels

[14:55] Live events and webinars

[19:04] Database marketing

[23:33] Brand development

[26:49] Reaching our audience

[30:40] Topics for live events

[34:35] Seminar best practices

[40:20 ] Connecting with M.E.G.

[44:25] Life lesson with Mark


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