S2 E6: Hiring Practices with the Director of Talent Solutions

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In today’s job market, hiring can be difficult. Finding the right talent for your team is important in growing your business. Today, Lori, the director of FIG’s Talent Solutions joins us to talk about the hiring process and how Talent Solutions can help.

Whether you are looking for a consultant or a full recruiter, FIG Talent Solutions can do both. They’ll help you find the right leads and hires that match your company’s culture. COVID has changed the job market a lot, what are people looking for in jobs now? It might be different than it was a few years ago. Join us today as Lori shares her insight and tips for FIG advisors.

Learn more about our guest: https://www.figmarketing.com/#!/TalentSolutions

Key Moments: 

[2:18 ] Introducing Lori

[4:36] How did she get into the business?

[7:01] – How does Talent Solutions work?

[11:05] – Strategies Lori uses

[14:16 ] How has Covid changed hiring?

[17:40] Positions harder to fill

[20:27] Tips from Lori


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