S2 E10: Data Driven Marketing with Leading Response

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If you are a business owner relying on marketing to drive leads and revenue, using data as part of your marketing strategy is a must. Our guest on today’s show is the business development manager with Leading Response. Mike is helping financial experts plan and execute successful marketing strategies through empirical response data.

As a partner with FIG, Leading Response focuses both on digital and mail marketing, thinking outside the box to help advisors grow their lead generation. To them each business is a unique scenario with its own goals and values, their marketing material should reflect that. We’ll discuss data marketing, topics for seminars, direct mail, and more.


Key Moments: 

[1:30] Favorite football team

[2:11] Leading Response

[3:07] Journey to Leading Response

[4:46 ] Why do they stand out?

[5:50] How they use data

[10:19] Marketing report

[11:50] Market saturation

[14:54] Pandemic changing direct mail

[ 17:02] Topics for dinner seminars

[19:50] Best practices for direct mail

[24:10] Topics to stay away from

[26:40] How to market events

[28:58] Leading Response partnership with FIG

[30:14] Removing your ego


About our guest:  https://leadingresponse.com/


Quotable Moment:

“Ultimately, we have an advisor that’s making an investment in their business… the data really gives us the insight we need to shine a light on their market and what’s going on individually in their market and across the country as far as what consumers are concerned with.” – Mike


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