S2 E11: Advanced Planning with a FIG Strategist

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How do we better serve our high net-worth clientele? On today’s show Jeremy, a FIG strategist, joins us to discuss advanced planning, working with high net-worth clientele, the sale of large assets, and much more. Advanced planning or wealth management builds off of an advisor’s basic duties by combining higher-level planning strategies for clientele with more complicated assets. So, what is the best way to provide these services?

Jeremy has over two decades of experience in estate and business planning. He is helping advisors integrate key aspects of advanced planning into their businesses. For example, if one of your clients is selling their business, this is a huge event in their life and you want to be adequately prepared. When it comes to these clients, planning is much more complicated so bringing in an expert will certainly help.

Key Moments: 

[1:32] Jeremey’s favorite football team

[2:23] Journey in the financial industry

[2:59] His different designations

[6:27]Part of a three-judge program

[7:57] Experience in advanced planning

[9:41] What is a CRUT?

[10:52] What is an advanced planning strategy?

[12:19] How does he work with FIG?

[14:08] Letting advisors have control

[16:17] Working with high-level cases

[19:47] Legal changes and life insurance

[21:25] Jeremy’s thoughts on 7702

[22:54] Similarities in cases

[25:45] The importance of listening


Quotable Moment:

“Every case is slightly different even if we might be working on similar situations. I have to be malleable enough to work with different advisors in different environments.” – Mike


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