S3 E1: Business Growth Practices with Strong Family Financial

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If you are just getting into the financial industry we highly recommend working with a coach or experienced professional like the people at Strong Family Financial. The market has been rapidly changing over the past few years and it’s not an easy business professionally or personally, having a guiding hand can mean the difference between success and failure.

On today’s episode, we welcome the Vice President of Strong Family Financial, Allie. Strong Family has had explosive growth over the past few years in recruiting and production. Allie is going to share his experience, advice, and best practices that he has learned throughout this growth.

Strong Lyfe Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/c/StrongLYFE

Strong Family Financial: https://www.strongfamilyfinancial.com/

Contact: Asaleh@stronglyfe.com


Key Moments: 

[2:30] Allie’s favorite dinner dish

[4:38] Favorite sports team of all time

[5:57] Background and journey

[8:22] Growth and struggles during covid

[10:09] Strong Family background

[15:41] Strong Lyfe podcast

[16:37] The culture Strong Lyfe creates

[20:28] What kind of training is involved?

[24:39] Importance of your attitude

[30:23] Implementing YouTube and Tiktok

[32:30]YouTube #2 search engine

[33:29] Being educated and teaching

[35:00 ] Live everyday being grateful

[36:43] Being grateful and being humble


Quotable Moment:

“A strong life with a why means you have purpose. You’ve got something that is greater than yourself that you’re focused on.” – Allie


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