S3 E2: Becoming an Integrated Advisor with Alphastar

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Alphastar Capital Management is a FIG partner and registered investment advisor firm, that started nearly 10 years ago as they recognized the convergence of wealth management and insurance. Strategically they run portfolios, manage risk, and help advisors focus on what they’re great at – developing relationships with their clients.

They are truly helping the next generation of advisors become integrated advisors. On today’s episode, Sean, the Chief Sales officer at Alphastar Capital Management joins us to discuss his journey to Alphastar, risk protection, structured notes, unique solutions for wealthy clients, and more.

Alphastar Capital Management: https://www.alphastarcm.com/


Key Moments: 

[1:34] Most common app you use?

[1:59] Special family traditions

[2:45] His journey to Alphastar

[7:24] What is Alphastar?

[ 8:57] What strategies do they use?

[12:18] How is Betashield different?

[16:42] 5 different portfolios

[17:36] Protecting your clients

[18:32] Structured notes

[20:59] Getting into an overpriced market

[22:34] Addressing taxes and real estate

[28:20] Providing better income solutions

[30:00] What makes Alphastar different?

[33:34] Being a partner with Alphastar

[34:33 ] Developing a strong mindset


Quotable Moment:

“We know most people don’t want to become portfolio managers…the most successful advisors I’ve seen focus on their relationships.” – Sean


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