S3 E3: Using First Party Data with Lone Beacon

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On today’s episode, we are joined by a pioneer at Lone Beacon who is revolutionizing their marketing platform with a turnkey digital solution. Mike has helped develop one of the leading independent advisor marketing tools in the industry.

As financial professionals and advisors, we often want to attract the right type of clients. Lone Beacon is assisting advisors to expand their reach within their target markets. We’ll be discussing what Mike is seeing in the market, the value of first-party data, Lone Beacon’s relationship with FIG, and more on today’s show.

Lone Beacon: 


Key Moments: 

[1:29] – Last show you binge-watched?

[3:10] Journey to lone beacon

[4:28 ] Working with lone beacon

[5:45] The efficiencies of direct mail

[9:04] Shared list and first-party data

[10:51] Challenges we are seeing

[12:07] Lone Beacon and FIG partnership

[17:04] Intelligence dashboard

[21:48] Everyone is moving to video

[24:06] Lead aggregation study

[29:32] The other 99%

[33:31] Getting to the next level

[36:15] Respectfully question everything


Quotable Moment:

“There is still opportunities in certain markets where we are still big fans of targeted direct mail, but it also needs a little bit of a supplement from a digital standpoint.” – Mike


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