S3 E4: Facts and Logic in Marketing and Sales

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On today’s episode, the Founder of Windows of Opportunity and the Logic Trac system joins us to discuss how he’s helping advisors increase their revenue and how they can change the lives of their clients in a positive and impactful way. Coach Bill started Windows of Opportunity to teach advisors about marketing, lead generation, and growing their business.

His mission then expanded with Logic Trac, which helps individuals make logical decisions in the emotional field of investing and financial services. Engaging clients should be about using logic instead of fear or strong-arming. Join us today as we explore using facts and logic within your sales process to improve lead generation and business growth.

Learn more about Logic Trac: https://www.logictrac.net/

Key Moments: 

[1:58] Favorite food dish?

[2:40]Windows of Opportunity and Logic Trac

[6:39] Language in marketing materials

[9:45]Facts and logic in sales

[13:53] Checklist exercise

[18:36] Process is critical

[21:54] Our definition of critical

[25:45] Getting commitment at first appointment

[32:00] We are not losing people

[35:14] Coaching and strategic partnership

[40:53] How do you get involved?

[44:22] How to get in touch directly


Quotable Moment:

So, there are significant issues that are affecting my decisions, which means if I was not aware of them, I probably wouldn’t change course going forward.” – Coach Bill


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