S3 E5: Making the Most Out of Your Marketing Plan

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The Director of Marketing at FIG’s marketing agency, All Points Media joins us on today’s episode to unpack marketing trends and strategies independent advisors need to be aware of when it comes to gaining leads. Tom is helping FIG advisors make the most out of their marketing plans and the money they put into those plans.

His department is blended into three teams: corporate meetings and events, internal marketing, and advisor marketing. Marketing is here to make phones ring and they make sure an advisor’s process is efficient and effective. Every financial business is different, Tom and his team believe in customization that matches those differences. Join us today as we further explore All Points Media, data-driven marketing, Elevate marketing platform, and more!

More about All Points Media: https://www.figmarketing.com/#!/MarketingBranding

Key Moments: 

[1:33]Favorite TV show as a kid

[2:22] What is All Points Media?

[3:46] How does their process work?

[5:58] Our process versus competitors

[9:09] Data-driven best practices

[11:31] Custom marketing tracker

[13:14] Headspace and data

[15:15] Elevate marketing platform

[18:13] You need many funnels

[20:15] Enhancing a business

[22:29] Metrics of key performance

[27:54]Having one more appointment stick

[30:18]Marketing trends you should be aware of

[34:00] – One life lesson from Tom


Quotable Moment:

“We know there are no two advisor businesses that are the same… We take that customization of their marketing plan to heart. It is truly built out for them.”

– Tom


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