S3 E9: Staying Truly Independent with Co-Chief Executive Officer at FIG

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The Co-Chief Executive Office at Financial Independence Group joins us today to discuss his journey to a leadership role, how FIG gives advisors a competitive advantage and much more about the future of advising at FIG.

Mike began his tenure at FIG in 2002 after graduating from UNC Chapel Hill. Starting in the trenches as an annuity consultant, he quickly developed a passion for helping advisors better serve their clients. With his team, Mike helps to drive the strategic vision that better equips our financial professionals to thrive in the financial industry.

Key Moments: 

[3:05]– Favorite TV show as a kid?

[7:03] – FIG is a family

[8:37] – What makes FIG different?

[9:54] – We are still small but successful

[12:38] – What is the future of the FMO and IMO Field?

[15:40] – Our growing tech team

[17:31] – Better serving our clients

[20:29] – The next 100 years

[23:55] – A life lesson


Quotable Moment:

“We truly are in it for the long run… Being one of the few truly independent companies left in the industry. Certainly, that’s different each year. We’re not just independent today, we’re independent in the future. We’re never going to sell to a third party, a private equity, or to an insurance company.”

– CEO FIG, Mike


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