S1 E4: Embracing Self-Advocacy With Michael Kitces

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Karl is pleased to feature a recent interview between renowned financial planning professional Michael Kitces and Financial Independence Group’s Tom Lamendola on this episode. Karl will set you up for what to expect in the interview that ranges several topics from Michael’s viewpoint on the messaging as it pertains to the retirement dilemma in the US to delving into the best practices for financial professionals to fish for new clients. You’ll also hear discussion about what financial professionals and investors alike should focus on in today’s fast-changing financial world.

Key Moments: 

[0:37] – Show starts and Karl previews the interview
[2:05] – Michael Kitces interview begins
[3:03] – What’s behind the “Kitces Blue”?
[6:11] – Michael reflects on how marketing for financial professionals has changed during the Coronavirus pandemic.
[11:26] – Should you try to be everywhere you possibly can from a marketing perspective?
[17:37] – Is there a nationwide retirement dilemma facing us today?
[27:10] – Michael looks back at an old 60 Minutes segment that painted an inaccurate picture of the financial services industry and what it takes to be prepared for retirement, and the lessons that can be learned from that today.

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