S1 E6: Stories That Stick With Kindra Hall

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Karl is excited to feature a recent interview between best-selling author Kindra Hall and Financial Independence Group’s Tom Lamendola. Karl will preview what to expect on the show before turning over the microphone where you’ll hear Tom and Kindra discuss why stories are so important in business today. They’ll also explore why financial professionals can benefit from video storytelling on their websites and share tips on how advisors can tell their “Value Story”.

Key Moments: 

[0:37] – Karl previews the interview.

[1:55] – Kindra Hall interview begins.

[2:44] – How Kindra became a national champion storyteller.

[4:49] – Kindra underscores how important “The Founder’s Story” is for every company.

[8:19] – How advisors can leverage their “Value Story”.

[14:37] – Tips for advisors who want to integrate video marketing into their practices.

[18:58] – Is video marketing an expectation now?

[21:02] – Kindra shares some ideas for entrepreneurs who are just starting their business journey.

[25:28] – Asks Kindra to outline what she personally would look for in a financial professional.

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