S1 E7: How To Harness 80 Years Of Knowledge with Kevin Beauchamp

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Schechter Wealth in Birmingham, Michigan, is a third-generation wealth advisory and financial services firm that we’ve come to know really well. The exclusive relationship we’ve built with this incredible team has allowed FIG to plug into their resources and write some of the largest life insurance cases in history. Today we’ll introduce you to Kevin Beauchamp, Vice President and Director of Strategic Partnerships, and find out what makes this business an enduring success.

Key Moments: 

[1:56] – How Kevin Got Into The Business

[4:52] – Story Behind Schechter Wealth

[7:55] – Knowledge Tagline

[8:31] Investment Philosophy

[10:33] – Private Capital Offering

[12:44] – Advanced Life Insurance Design

[18:04] – Making The Transition To Life Insurance

[20:46] – Partnership Process

[28:45] – Examples Of Cases

[31:27] Example Of Partnering With A Financial Professional

[42:12] – Win-Win Situation

[47:00] – Working With FIG

[49:19] Life Lesson

[50:34] – 2007 Appalachian State Vs Michigan

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