S1 E8: Lessons From Renowned Mentor Elyse Archer for Elite Female Sales Professionals

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We’re excited to welcome on our next guest, Elyse Archer, who we’ve been learning from for many years. This incredible mentor behind She Sells has helped female sales professionals build trust, instill confidence, and grow their bottomline. Now she joins the show to share that experience, explain why women are so effective, and give us some incredible insight on balancing work and life.

Key Moments: 

[1:45] – Background on Elyse

[6:28] – Differences between males and females

[11:45] – Past experiences affecting sales

[15:17]– Female view of money

[17:52] – Having empathy

[20:12] – Surprising factor that can impact earnings

[23:14] – Building trust and gaining confidence

[27:22] – Her favorite systems for sales follow-ups

[32:03] – Being authentic

[37:18] – Thoughts on money and happiness

[43:06] – Work-life balance

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