S4 E5: How the Simple Act of Appreciation Can Change Your Life & Business with Mr. Thank You

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The small business world can be cutthroat and competitive, but that doesn’t mean we have to forego kindness and gratitude. Today’s guest, John Israel aka Mr. Thank You, has built his brand around the art of appreciation. He joins us today to share his philosophy and how he helps individuals and companies apply this concept to their business to build loyalty and increase revenue.

John has been featured on ABC, Fox News, and Good Morning America, and he’s worked with some of the biggest companies in the country to bring this approach of appreciation to life. In a world where we move at a rapid pace, it’s easy to overlook the small actions of gratitude that we know are so important.

Advisors are constantly in search of that differentiator for their business and this might be exactly what you need. If nothing else, John has some outstanding stories to share about life and work that we know you’ll enjoy.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How a single question from his wife made him change his entire outlook professionally.  [2:36]
  • The four steps to the gratitude project he first created, which later became the Mr. Thank You project. [6:39]
  • How he gets the most out of client appreciation events. [16:26]
  • The VAL framework and why it’s so important.    [23:23]
  • The art of appreciative leadership and how it helps us increase loyalty, connection, and profit.  [32:49]
  • Why the question, “How do you treat that for which you are grateful?” will change your life.  [47:14]

To learn more about Mr. Thank You, visit him online here.


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