S4 E7: Make More Money & Do More Good with Derrick Kinney

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We’re all striving to build a successful business and eventually enjoy the fruits of that hard work, but today’s guest walked away from a thriving financial planning business to begin a new venture and help others improve their financial situation.

In this episode, we’re thrilled to have Derrick Kinney, author of Good Money Revolution, on the show to talk about his huge career shift just a few years ago. As you’ll hear on the show, it all began by asking himself this: What can I do to be a better spouse, father, and business owner? From there, he realized being a financial advisor wasn’t high on the list and that’s where the Good Money brand began.

Join us for an extremely insightful conversation that will leave you with a long list of takeaways to improve your business as well as your personal life. Derrick has a tremendous perspective on money and using it to do good, and we hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we did.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Why he decided to give up his successful financial planning business for a new venture. [2:32]
  • The creative way he found to differentiate himself from other advisors in his area?  [5:43]
  • One huge thing he learned about how to present his job and his business. [14:31]
  • The three good money levers – what are they and how do we use them? [21:10]
  • The 7-step Good Money framework and how it’s different from other financial strategies.  [30:35]
  • Derrick explains investing like a four-lane highway.  [38:14]
  • What you give is just as important as what your business is making.  [42:52]


Get the first five chapters of his book for free by visiting his website here.


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