Building Your Referral Base Through Humility & Helping People with Gary Reed (S5E7)

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Growing referrals and expanding the business organically is a goal for every financial advisor, and our guest today has developed a program in his practice that is responsible for the majority of his company’s bottom line revenue.

We’re excited to welcome on Gary Reed, president and founder of Reed Financial Group in Georgia, to the show. He’s built a culture around his business and created superfans that keep referring more and more ideal clients to him. Today we’ll learn more about how he’s been so successful building trust and nurturing relationships and leave you with some strategies you can implement into your business now.

Best of all, Gary has a model office here at the Financial Independence Group and is a coach for our advisors, which means all of his best practices are available to our Elevate FIG members.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How he started as a drummer in a band, which brought him to Atlanta and eventually got him into the financial industry.
  • How FIG gave him his first chance when he wanted to start his own FMO.
  • Why he feels helping people and having humility have been keys to his business’ longevity.
  • How he’s built up his referral business and why he’s always trying to improve his systems.
  • What it’s like being a coach at FIG.
  • He shares the doctor analogy, which is one of his best closing analogies to use with prospects.

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