Finance, FinTech, and Fatherhood with Derek Notman (S5E1)

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We’re excited to kickoff season five with a bright mind in the financial industry and someone who has built multiple successful businesses. Derek Notman is a Certified Financial Planner and founder of Intrepid Wealth Partners but that only scratches the surface of who he is.

Along with the financial advising business, Notman is the founder of Couplr and Conneqtor and a host on a popular podcast. He’s found different ways to leverage his passion for FinTech to help improve the lives and the bottom line for other financial professionals. Plus, these tools also give you back valuable hours to spend with loved ones in your life and to chase what’s most important to you.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • Derek’s journey into the financial industry without really knowing what he wanted to where he is now. [4:53]
  • What is Couplr and how does it help generate leads? [14:59]
  • The advantage of a warm lead and how he helps with that. [18:10]
  • What Conneqtor is and why is it valuable to business owners.  [20:45]
  • How the podcast was born out of COVID. [26:14]
  • How to be the best dad you can be while building an amazing business. [30:42]
  • The REBL Dads movement and the goals behind it. [34:53]
  • The one life lesson that Derek wants to leave you with. [39:18]


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Derek Notman

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