How to Take Advantage of the Employee Retention Credit in 2023 with Catherine Tindall (S5E2)

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Catherine Tindall, CPA and partner at Dominion Enterprise Services. Their business is a specialty tax advisory practice so we’ve asked her to join just to share her insights on the Employee Retention Credit. We want to make sure business owners in our industry understand how to take advantage of this generous credit program before time runs out.

We’ll make sure you get all of the key details about the credit and learn more about who is eligible and how it’s calculated. This could be a significant amount of money for business owners so you’ll want to find out whether you qualify.

Check out the links below to connect with Catherine and learn more about the ERC.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • What is the employee retention credit? [2:50]
  • How many people are helping business owners with this tax credit?  [7:56]
  • When the credit officially phases out and who is eligible? [13:22]
  • Here’s how the credit is calculated. [18:85]
  • Here’s the best way to learn more about the program. [20:50]
  • How she’s learned to restrict her dopamine response to be more satisfied with less. [30:42]


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