Propel Your Business By Identifying Your Superpower with Kate Volman (S5E4)

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Many business owners judge success by revenue alone but transforming your workplace and company culture can trigger the growth you’re searching for.

Today’s guest helps businesses of all sizes become the best version of themselves. Kate Volman is the CEO of Floyd Consulting, author of Do What You Love, and has more than 15 years of consulting experience with businesses and executives.

Our goal is to make our advisor audience and other professionals better at what they do in all facets of the business and Kate will provide plenty of value to help with that. As she talks about on the show, her superpower is massive optimism and her message today is loaded with positive outlooks and actionable items you can take away immediately.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn from this episode:

  • How a sales job with a chamber of commerce taught her a lot about entrepreneurship, leadership, and community and began her journey to where she is today.
  • Why she feels it’s so important for women to go after what they want because they have the skills and talent to be tremendous leaders.
    The three tips she thinks are key for building online exposure for your firm.
  • Ways to put together a successful content marketing strategy and the importance of starting small and being consistent.
  • How she took her superpower and turned it into a newsletter called Massive Optimism.
  • Ways Floyd can help financial professionals grow their practice.


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