financial advisors

S2 E1: Dressing for Success with Duncan Ham

How we dress has a lot to do with how we are perceived as financial professionals. Today, we welcome, Duncan Ham, the Senior VP at Tom James Company in Charlotte North Carolina.

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S1 E11: Building a Financial Machine with the Help of Lone Beacon

The financial industry, like the rest of business, has evolved with the rise of digital media and stronger data. Today we explore this shift with John of Lone Beacon.

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S1 E9: The Evolution Of A Top 1% Firm with Jim Brogan

Today we welcome on noted Jim Brogan, founder of Brogan Financial in Knoxville, Tennessee. This dedicated Vols fan has enjoyed plenty of success in the financial world throughout his 20-year career. Not only does he oversee his business as the CEO, Jim also dedicates a lot of his time to providing financial education in the classroom and across different mediums for people across his region. His passion and expertise are evident through his day-to-day work and we hope to share some of that with you today.

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