Harnessing the Power of Intentional Time Management in Entrepreneurship: A Chat with Kevin Wathey (S5E5)

In this show, we had the opportunity to delve deep into this topic with Kevin Wathey, an entrepreneur who has brilliantly mastered the art of balancing life and business. His journey, filled with inspiring experiences and innovative strategies, has taught him how to effectively manage time and boost efficiency in his entrepreneurial pursuits.

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S1 E9: The Evolution Of A Top 1% Firm with Jim Brogan

Today we welcome on noted Jim Brogan, founder of Brogan Financial in Knoxville, Tennessee. This dedicated Vols fan has enjoyed plenty of success in the financial world throughout his 20-year career. Not only does he oversee his business as the CEO, Jim also dedicates a lot of his time to providing financial education in the classroom and across different mediums for people across his region. His passion and expertise are evident through his day-to-day work and we hope to share some of that with you today.

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